Experience Karen's unique approach and guidance, you'll set a new standard for your body and what it deserves — one move at a time.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, we want to get on your level. Choose any of our on-demand library of pilates classes including barre, cardio & more.

If you have the desire to move we’re a great match.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone, or get fitter, I have the movement that will get you there.   

My classes are perfect when you’re wanting to lengthen, align and sculpt. These classes are all about achieving the right technique to see the changes in your body.

You’ll feel rejuvenated, grounded, and aligned in no time.


Studio K. // owner

Karen Purdon

My philosophy as a Pilates instructor is simple. I believe that every “body” type can transform with pilates. The connection I have with each client is special. I focus on technique and posture to make your workouts more effective, meaning you’ll see better results in less time. 

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Dynamic Pilates

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Barre Body Conditioning

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Movement & Mobility

Welcome To your At Home Studio.

Our classes, your vibe. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we want to get on your level. Choose between live streaming and on demand classes that suit you best. 

Lets get moving so you can be stronger, leaner, better. 

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What to Expect


Dynamic Pilates

Energetic & Dynamic Pilates mat class using various equipment

Faster paced than a traditional mat class building up a sweat finishing with a few moments of breath, relaxation and meditation 


Pilates Stretch & Flow

A gentle and challenging mixed ability class focusing length & strength. 

Flowing through a sequence of exercises and stretches leaving you feeling longer and stronger.


Barre Body Conditioning

Body Conditioning class combining ballet moves, pilates strength and yoga stretches.

Low impact, high intensity, energetic and fun workout class 


Pilates Calm

Movement & mobility class focusing on creating strength in movement and more flexibility throughout the body. 

Class involves fun and challenging movements combos along with relaxing, lengthening and opening stretches


Post and Pre Natal

Pilates is a non-impact workout that increases flexibility, strength and muscle tone, and is safe to practice during pregnancy. Because it focuses on your core, practicing Pilates on a regular basis can improve posture, alleviate backaches, and ultimately help with labor and delivery.

It’s usually a good idea to wait until after your 6-week postnatal check before you start any exercise.


Need a 1:1 Session

Let's Discover the power of movement Together!

Questions & Answers

These are my client’s most frequently asked questions. 

All of our workouts are designed to be used without equipment. 

 However, certain workouts or exercises can be intensified by using equipment.

But of course, if you don’t want to use equipment, that’s also fine.

In studio all your equipment is provided and sterilised after each use but you’re welcome to bring your own too.

At home workouts may require equipment e.g weights. If you dont have any, most household items can be used as alternatives.


1kg dumbbells (about 2-3 lbs), a loop band (booty band) & soft over-all (booty ball). Ankle weights are optional in some sessions as well. Occasionally we make use of long therabands 1.5 – 2m length and a pilates ring (magic circle)

For our Barre classes, we recommend using a sturdy stool, chair, table, or whatever else you can find, that hits at about elbow height.

For Mobility classes a long foam roller of about 90cm is recommended.

We offer pre and postnatal classes designed specifically for new moms and moms to be. Karen has also provided tips on how to alter other classes to fit your needs both on our website and during the workouts themselves. 

You don’t need any Pilates experience to get started! 

We accomodate all levels. Pilates movement and mobility classes will help you learn and perfect the techniques you need.

If you are really looking for something gentle try our 21 day habit building program. 

Joseph Pilates has a famous quote: “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body.” Commit to 30 sessions, which broken down, will be about three times a week over three months.

The precision in how you work is the number one difference in Pilates. When you attend an in-studio or at-home class, I do not want you to just run through the motions creating the picture of the exercise, in order to move from your deep stabilizing muscles first thus supporting the bones and joints correctly, creating new muscular patterns, not just relying on your existing patterns. Precision is key in assisting in making these connections within the body.

The benefits are many:
● Increased lung capacity through lateral breathing
● Better awareness and use of core
● Increased strength and flexibility
● Toning and Sculpting
● Oxygenation of cells leads to repair of tissues and better health
● Improved alignment and posture
● Improved balance and spatial awareness